# Branding & Marketing Designer Moveo Group.com #

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# Branding & Marketing Designer Moveo Group.com #
We are hiring!
Moveo Creative, our fast-growing creative studio, is looking for a talented Branding & Marketing Designer.
This is a unique opportunity to set the tone and lead design processes from A-Z while working closely with various clients. The Branding & Marketing Designer ideates creative concepts and executes them at the highest level, and creates beautiful marketing products. The designer set is comprised of much more than a brush: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, XD, Sketch, Webflow, Figma, and many more.
What do you need?
Relevant degree in the arts or communication design (with a strong passion for graphic design)
- Severe obsession with aesthetics in branding, concepts, and life in general
- Attentiveness and extremely advanced communication skills
- Kickass online portfolio
פורסם   19 נובמבר 2020
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